Efficient iOS exif logging


  • Records GPS coordinates.
  • Auto-fills location.
  • Quick duplicate of previous entry for faster entry of new log.
  • Pre-fills fixed lens information.
  • Tap GPS coordinate to open in Apple Maps.
  • Copy GPS coordinates.
  • Displays elevation.
  • Export data by date or location.
  • exiftool template included in each export log.
  • Sample entries included.


  • Give permission for location services.
  • Record your entries immediately.
  • Pre-enter your camera and lenses before going out on a session.
  • Automatic location filling is only performed if a live reliable internet connection is is place and the GPS location has been fetched.


  • Email from within the app to offer suggestions, construction criticism, or detailed complaints.
  • Review ExifLogger if you have used it often and have formed an informative view.

Image of ExifLogger icon.

An exif logging app for iPhone, iPod touch, (and iPad).



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